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I have done the 200 hours TTC course and it was very special. Kadambary is an amazing person and wonderful teacher, professional and kind. All the staff are nice and helpful, the food is excellent and the ashram is quiet and peaceful.
Hilly recommend to come and experience the yogi life and go deeper into yoga and into yourself.


They provide a professional and deep yoga course. Above all, the staff (without exclusions) are kind, loving people, who open their hearts for us students. The aunties make healthy and delicious food, the atmosphere is calm and good for the body and mind.
I recommend this place wholeheartedly and would definitely come back.
Thank you PYS!


I did the 200 hour TTC (1 month) and had an amazing experience. Kadambari is a wonderful and special teacher, and everyone in the ashram is really lovely. The course was a very deep and spiritual experience for me. Recommended!


Is my 2 TTC with Kadambery, is always a pleasure to received her knowledge and inspiration. She is the only real teacher who still keep alive the meaning of Yoga, compassionate, unique. She and all the Ashram Team, were my family, and I so grateful for this experience. Oh namah shivaye!Thanks so much for this unconditional love!


One line to describe our experience – The place where effort meets purity to give a you an authentic life changing experience.

Me and My husband enquired at multiple learning centers for my yoga TTC program and decided to go with PYS Mysore based on our interactions with Kadambari Ma’am, Ashish and Marie. It is just the positive energy they had in them and the place that made us confident to go with it.

As all of us have heard that Yoga is not just about Asanas, but it is a way of life and that is exactly what we experienced there for that one month.

Coming to the facts, I enrolled for 200 hours TTC course and my husband used to visit for 2-3 days during the weekend. Here are just few of the many aspects of our experience:

1. Yoga Asanas – Learning from one of the world champion (Kadambari Ma’am) was one kind of an experience. It is not just only about the right postures but finding the right balance and respecting your limits.

2. Morning Pranayams – Practicing  Breath regulation used to be our starting class of the day at 5:30 am, helped us to prepare both mentally and physically for the rest of the day.

3. Theory Classes – 45 minutes to 1 hour of dedicated philosophy classes to understand what we are doing and why we are doing, how our body and organs functions, identifying one’s prakriti, type of food and it’s effect on our body and mind etc. to name a few.

4. Daily selfless Karma Yoga to get rid of the ego within you.

5. Yoga Nindra – Made popular by none other than Shri Satyananda Saraswati Ji used to be one of the best and blissful experience of the day, going into a state of consciousness in between sleep and wake via guided meditation.

6. There cannot be any better way of ending your day than taking the name and singing praises of the God via Kirtana.

Not to forget special classes of shatkarmas (every week) for purifications of the body from inside,  therapeutic yoga for a week, svadhyaya(studt of self and introspection) for a week, kids yoga, pregnancy yoga, weekly silence walk, special silence day,  etc.

Other than learning aspects,

1. Fees – Less than half of what the other centers will charge you for teaching half of what you learn here. No other center in the city will charge same to both Indian and Foreign nationals.

2. Location and Living – Ashram is secluded from the city noise and hussle and close to the nature in its purest form. It will give you a real student experience.

3. Food – saatvic food so delicious that you will leave all your bad food habits after the course as I did

4. Atmosphere – Full of love, devotion, help and support. I have made relations for life.

All of the above credit goes to Kadambari Ma’am, Karma Yogis(Marie, Ashish) and Som sir and their selfless service to Yoga and us. They are personifying the motto of the Ashram “Surrender is the ultimate way”.

Last but not the least, everyone has their scope for improvement and same is true for here and they well accepted our inputs on few fronts including a little more improved hygiene and dormitory rules and regulations.


It was most wonderful experience as a family we had. We visited in May 2021 as part of yoga vacation.Along with great yoga learning my son had the most valuable experience with people, nature food and yoga.For my son it is like and extended family with a great bond with Kadambari ji and Ashish Bhaiya. We as parents did learn various asanas and how the essence is in Satvik food. One great change in me was I quit drinking tea which was one of my personal goals.

The ashram is beautiful, it is located in a coum and peaceful place and the teacher, family and all karmi yogis are amazing and such loveable people. Had a wonderful month staying and learning there.



Kadambari’s and Ashish’s classes are gold.
They are suitable for all levels and different every day – classical hatha , hatha flow, strengthening, yoga nidra, … . I love the variety.
They always make sure to give variations of the asanas so everyone can adapt to the limits and needs of the own body.
They both teach with all their heart and love to share their passion for yoga.
I cannot recommend their classes enough.
Join and experience it yourself.
Lots of love from Germany.
Om Namah Shivaya

Edit 26/08/22:
Now finally offering residential TTCs and Yoga Vacation again.
Peaceful place just outside Mysore, good connection with public transport.
Classes, teachers, food, … – 10/10
Can’t recommend this place high enough. Come and experience it for yourself 🙏🏼✨


Undoubtedly, One of the best schools out there to pursue YOGA journey. My journey began when a friend recommended me to this school beginning of 2022. Praguna yoga shala doesn’t believe in commercial marketing , the school is popular through word of mouth. And I am very grateful to that friend who introduced me to yoga and Praguna shala.

The simplicity, knowledge and selfless service in Praguna Yoga shala Outruns any modern yoga school today.

The place is so beautiful and lively it was a joyful experience to do our daily practise.

Kadambari ji , Ashish ji, karma yogi’s and the lovely and friendly supporting staff have helped and supported me on daily basis to complete my course smoothly with utmost focus and dedication.

I had so many doubts before steeping and also after stepping into the place. 3 days into the journey everything went so smooth , that I realised only the day I was getting that certificate 30 days had passed. The powerful energy presence created in the Shala is very irresistible and contagious.

It is a beautiful experience to learn from a Female Master , Vedic knowledge wise , practically learning the Asanas as they offered lot of things like kids yoga , pregnancy yoga, yoga therapy , yoga Nidra , pranayama etc.

I am sharing the pictures of my journey below and will be really glad if my review can help you find this place and initiate your beautiful journey to Yoga with Praguna yoga shala.


Practicing yoga with this school is always something special, evokes such grattitude, simplicity, challenges, warmth and holistic approach. There’s always so much to learn from them and you feel like you have entered a sacred space of the ashram, as soon as you log in. It’s amazing how uplifting and energizing it is, not just on your body, but on your whole being, after practicing with them. They’re truly authentic and will give you a true experience of yoga. I was Kadambari’s student from my 300h TTC in Mysore, India, and I have also joined their 30days online classes twice, plus one artistic 10 days course. And I can say that you don’t really miss out on something with their online classes. They explain, repeat, are open for questions, and always radiate warmth. It is a real community feeling and you will benefit in so many ways. Their 30 days classes bring overall practice of traditional Hatha Yoga and you can grow very fast in just a month, while the artistic 10 days course gives you all the preparatory excercise and flow to make a fully artistic class! It’s amazing! Thank you Kadambari and Ashish for always being there. <3

Wonderful online classes with Master teacher and world Champion – Kadambari. Strongly recommended if you are looking for an authentic, non commercial place to learn Yoga – from Asana, trough Pranayama, Meditation to Philosophy and elements of Ayurveda. Holistic approach, family atmosphere, I cannot wait for not only online experience.
I took several courses – Hatha Flow, Artistic Yoga, workshops designed for respiratory system, digestive system and specially designed for Women.
Namah Shivayah,
Didi, Ashish, Jun
Hope to participate soon in next courses 🙂
In these tough pandemic times online classes conducted by Yogacharya Kadambari are kind of oasis in a desert. Having attended her classes during my recovery from Covid really helped me become strong again. Her hatha yoga classes are so well designed that it’s suits from beginners to advanced. If the student is willing you can learn something new in each class. Just surrender to her and learn. Demonstrations by our very own lovely Ashish bhai are a treat to watch and just hope one day you can also get into posters like he does. Thanks a ton to Kadambari ma’am and Ashish bhai..
Om namah shivaya 🙏🏻

Excellent online classes. I have been taking since 3months and the results are more than satisfying. Beside my progress, I am learning everyday about yoga from the best and it is a real bless. Happy to be part of the group each time. Kadambari and Ashish are the best!


I am filled with gratitude and thankfulness
to be able to attend 8 days online workshop on “Digestive Disorders” conducted by Kadambari in assistance with Ashish.
Got to learn and make corrections which will go long way in my learning and understanding of Yoga, also it will help me immensely in the classes that i give.
Gentle yet effective teaching style is what Kadambari is all about. Simple yet informative sessions filled with light humor makes classes all the more relaxing for me. I enjoyed learning and revising with her. She is the best teacher I have ever known.
Thank u guys .
Namah shivay.🙏

Gratitude is all I can express for the work and efforts of the members of Praguna Yoga Shala. I have completed 2 x 30 day courses with them and when I finnish the courses I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. The fresh feeling of agility and strength in my body has come from these classes.
For me, the lock down in the UK is tough on the body, staying in the house most of the day is tiring. Before the course started my body felt old, stiff and only getting worse. Now I feel young again!
These classes are the ones that suit me. The space is there to learn from Kadambari’s deep knowledge and experience, as well as observe Ashish’s inspiring form. There has never been a moment where I have not felt held and cared for by these two during the classes. I feel able to challenge myself in these classes knowing that I will always have the opportunity to ask questions to these two open hearted individuals.
I can confidently say that this yoga school has changed my life. I’m truly greatful.
Thank you.

Despite the critical period we all are experiencing, each online class with Kadambari can bring more love, confidence and strenght through the practice. I personally attended one month of Hatha course and it is perfectly designed and guided with love and full support from one of the best teacher and all the members of PYS. Thank you!

A beautiful place away from the crowded city to feel the authentic South Indian village and culture, great atmosphere for yoga vacation, nice teachers families people around. We all love this beautiful place for yoga experience.


Lovely experience to learn from kadambari and Ashish, i have learned so much and always felt home feeling and welcomed as well as safe and full of joy! It’s an awesome school to learn and get deeper into yoga practice plus the teachers are full love. Me and my partner love it! Thankyou Ashish and kadambari

Very nice place, best place to do TTC o just stay some days. Yogi life style. Clean space, easy to arrive but in the sametime is apart of everything. Thank you Didi! Thank you to all family and worker’s!

Good way to feel rural india.

Cheap pleace, very clean and good food


I had hatha yoga ttc 200h here it was all i needed happy and joyfull people that i ll always remember

(Translated by Google) For me the best yoga school, Kadambari and Ashish are two wonderful, caring and professional beings.
They know how to transmit their knowledge and know-how. I highly recommend. Very beautiful experiences forever engraved in my being. thank you

Pour moi la meilleure école de yoga, Kadambari et Ashish sont deux êtres merveilleux, bienveillants et professionnels.
Ils savent transmettre leurs connaissances et savoir-faire. Je recommande vivement. Très belles expériences a jamais gravée dans mon être. Merci à vous