Yogacharya Kadambari, or ‘Didi’ (sister) as she is called by her students, started her yoga practice at the age of 8. She went on to win numerous awards and competitions as she gained mastery of the practice of Yoga.

Since then, and for over 2 decades,  she has dedicated her life to teaching, helping thousands of students benefit from the transformative nature of the Yoga lifestyle.

Her skills, knowledge and passion extend beyond the physical aspects of yoga. Her approach is truly authentic, in that it is multi-dimensional, incorporating lectures and teaching on aspects of yoga that range from the  philosophical foundations of yoga, understanding health and diet as well as the psychological and spiritual dimensions of an effective practice. 

Shehas a passionate commitment to ensuring that her students develop a fully rounded understanding of yoga so that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to adopt truly transformative lifestyle choices when they return to their daily lives.

Gold Medal – 13th National Yoga Competition, 1994

Gold Medal – State Yoga Competition, 1995

Gold Medal – 3rd International Yoga Competition, 1995

Gold Medal – Open National Yoga Competition, 1999

Gold Medal – State Yoga Competition, 2000.

Title of Yoga Kumari by Bangalore Yoga Federation, 2001.

Gold Medal – Artistic Yoga World Cup (Argentina), 2002

Hatha Yoga Teacher for more than 2 Decades.

Himalayan Yoga Competition – 6th Rank

Yoga Shiromani (TTC – SYVNC)