What is TTC ?

The Teachers’ Training Course (TTC) is a 30 days residential course, based on the ancient gurukul system of India where teacher and student live together. Students will be provided accommodation in Ashram away from hustle and bustle of the city and away from noise and pollution.In these four-weeks the student will not only learn the Traditional Hatha Yoga practices for one’s personal growth but also, how to teach all those practice to people who come to them with a hope to grow better with yoga. Not only, physically but mentally also.

What are the requirements to join TTC 200 hours ?

Complete Beginner.
Basic knowledge of yoga postures and philosophy is helpful but not essential.
A high degree of self-motivation and discipline is required for all aspects of the course.
To ensure the success of the programme, participants are required to attend all spiritual activities, kirtans, lectures, asana classes, internal yoga class and morning meditation and shatkarma classes.

Is the Certificate affiliated to Yoga Alliance US ?

YES, The certificate awarded at the end of the course will be recognized by Yoga Alliance US.

What do we learn ?

Here is an overview of what you learn 
How to practice and Teach:
  1. Traditional Hatha Yoga.
  2. More than 45 Asanas
  3. Surya Namaskara.
  4. Basic Hatha flow.
  5. Shatkarmas
  6. Pranayama
  7. Yoga Nidra
  8. Other Hatha Yogic Kriyas.
 In lectures, you learn
  1. Basic Anatomy and Physiology of different 
  2. Basic Ayurveda
  3. Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  4. Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

Is there a weekend ?


How to join the Course ?

Interested Participants shall contact the Ashram via mail, or whatsapp on the given numbers below in “how to contact ” or can call on the provided numbers the given time slot.
After getting informed about availability in the course, the course fee should be paid, fully or partially to book a place.

How much is the TTC ?

30,500 INR

How to pay for the course ?

For international transaction, payment can be done through Transferwise in given account.(Please note that indian bank does not provide IBAN number )
Account holder name :- Kadambari cp  
Account number:-          056001510593.        
IFSC code:-                     ICIC0000560        
Bank Name:-                   ICICI                    
Swift code:-                    ICICINBBNRI          

District: MYSORE 
For Indian Transaction, direct bank transfer can be done in the above -mentioned account.

Is there an additional fee to be paid other than the course fee ?


What are the things to bring ?

Please bring the following things for uninterrupted stay in Ashram.
  1. Covid Vaccine 2nd dose certificate and NTPCR negative report of test done within 72 hours.
  2. Mask.
  3. 3 Photocopies of the passport and 3 Photocopies of valid visa.
  4. 3 Photocopies  Adhaar card(Only for Indian Aspirants).
  5. 3 passport size photographs.
  6. Notebook and pen.
  7. A torch and umbrella.
  8. Indian currency.
  9. Mosquito repellent.
  10. Personal Cosmetics.
  11. Toiletries like tissue paper and toilet paper.
  12. Loose decent clothing for asana class with following requirements:-(T-shirt :- Shoulder, chest and back covered)(Lower:- Below the knees).
  13. At least one pair of Yellow T-shirt and While lower 
  14. Details of Online Transaction done to deposit the booking amount. 
  15. Yoga mat.
  16. Warm Clothes.
  17. Faith, sincerity and eagerness to learn. 

How to reach Ashram ?

From Bangalore international airport to Mysore satellite station by Flybus from the airport itself .
From Mysore satellite station (where Fly Bus drops) to Mysore city bus station by tuktuk.
From Mysore city bus station to Praguna Yoga Shala, Devalapura, Mysore by city bus no. 204 A, 208,  205 .
After Boarding at Devalapura Bus station, You can ask any one about the Yoga Ashram or simply search the Ashram on Google Map.
Ashram is at a walkable distance of 400 metres from Devalapura Bus station
You can also catch a cab or a tuk tuk  search on Google map as “Praguna Yoga Shala” and show the driver or tap the the link given below for directions:-


What are the contact details and when can we contact the Ashram?

Whatsapp and calling numbers:
  • Kadambari CP: +919113527224 (12:00 – 3:00 p.m)
  • Somashakher HB: +919353091782 (8:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m)
email id: 

What is the code of Conduct to be followed during the stay?

  • Silence is Mandatory in Yoga Shala Premises (Practice area) and during the meal.
  • Absolute Silence is to be observed on Silence days.
  • No electronic Gadget should be used in the Shala and dorm. Only during the specific time allotted, students are allowed to use them. For study purposes one can use the Laptop, Mobile, ipad or kindle but it should not be disturbing anyone else in the dorm.
  • Decent clothing is mandatory. Transparent clothes, back less, sleeveless, shorts below above the knee are not allowed in the Ashram.
  • Regularity and Punctuality in all the classes is mandatory. In case of some medical issues, students are requested to inform the management immediately.
  • Before leaving the dorm or shala, always make sure to switch off the lights and fan you have turned on.
  • Students are allowed to move out on weekends and buy necessary items from the village or city.
  • Before leaving students have to check out and check in, in the register.
  • Pillows or blankets should be taken back to the dorm in case you brought it in shala for any practice.
  • Make sure to keep back the props (Stick, blocks, Backbender, strap, stool, chair) from where they have been taken.
  • Toilet papers or any paper or plastic should not be flushed into the toilets.
  • Don’t leave your Yoga mat or notebook here and there.
  • Please do not interrupt the class. All your doubts, complaints, suggestions etc. should be discussed with the Yogacharya in break time between the classes.
  • After Entering the Yoga Shala, students are expected to behave decently and communicate as silently as possible.
  • Hugging, loud speaking, and using abusive words are strictly prohibited inside the Shala.
  • Please share your experience by filling the feedback form before leaving the Ashram.
  • We all help each other by following this code of conduct to make our stay and experience as better as we can.

What kind of food is served ?

Vegetarian, Satvik food.